The World of Uhudler

From Jennersdorf to  Güssing 

Uhudler and enjoyable food from various manufacturers may be found in our shop. 

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The Uhudler

Photo by Gabriele Strasky on Unsplash

About Uhudler and its beginnings

How the Uhudler became what he is today. From the beginnings to the prohibitions to today’s status as a luxury item.


The Uhudler Shop

Uhudler and refined Uhudler products

Uhudler Shop is an platform that is dedicated to the specialty from southern Burgenland and offers products from a wide variety of manufacturers.

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Fine Shops 

Uhudler Shop is part of the Fine Shops network of independent, individually designed niche shops. All of which are dedicated to a specific topic. The shops share a shopping cart and an ordering system.

So that you can visit several shops in a relaxed manner and ultimately pay for everything in one process. This means that shipping costs are only incurred once and you will receive all products with just one shipment.  

Fine Shops

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You need Uhudler in larger quantities. Have questions about products. Want to sell products in our shop?

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